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Breaking news: The Bridge (as seen on BBC4) to get a British remake

Bridge | Bont

The successful Danish and Swedish co-production The Bridge – currently airing on BBC4 – is to get a full British makeover.  With an initial setting on the Severn Bridge, which joins south Wales to England’s west country, the UK series entitled Bridge | Bont will be a co-production between BBC Bristol (former location for the production of Casualty) and BBC Wales (new location for Casualty).

Victim 1.

The first victim, a camel-backed cat (CBC), will be found directly on the borderline between England and Wales on the second Severn Bridge (the newer, smart one).  Spurred into action by a series of 999 calls, Bristol’s top detective Martin Portishead (Dominic West reviving his west country burr from Appropriate Adult) will meet and clash with Caldicot’s top and last-ever-on-the-beat-in-Wales copper, the blonde Stori Morgan-Jones (Joanna Page), in the middle of the bridge.

When it becomes obvious that exhibit CBC is not the only victim, social justice is identified as the compelling motive for further crimes where someone calling himself ‘No4Toll’ seeks to end the exorbitant tolls for entry into Wales after crossing the bridge.  Soon, members of the media are frenzied by No4Toll’s calling cards, as members of high government are traumatised by his threats.

With a nod to the The Killing, that triumphant founder of Scandinavian telly addiction in the English speaking world, Charlie from Casualty will make a guest appearance as Charlie from Casualty (Derek Thompson).  It is understood that Sofie Gråbøl was not available.

In order to get full value for money from the sets left over when Upstairs Downstairs was not recommissioned, BBC Wales will use these sets and other materials in a series of historical flashbacks, marking out Bridge | Bont as quite different to its Scandinavian predecessor.

Filming will begin during 2012’s Olympics.  [Can we say that Ed?  Or is it trademarked?]

Obviously not at all true, but there is a remake coming.  Really.  Click this link to see the true version in the Radio Times.

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3 comments on “Breaking news: The Bridge (as seen on BBC4) to get a British remake

  1. Jack Priest
    May 12, 2012

    This has really pissed me off. I am English and have been watching Bron | Broen on BBC Four. It is very good and definitely does not need to be remade. I just don’t see the point in remaking the whole series just so English people don’t have to read subtitles.

    • crimeficreader
      May 12, 2012

      If a remake is offered with effectively the same set of characters and plot, then it offers nothing new as we’ll know the outcome. If they take the premise and run with it; one originally set in the channel tunnel might prove to be quite interesting, and with an exploration of Anglo-French relations.

  2. Louise
    May 14, 2012

    I don’t know what the remake will offer – but this is the programme I want to see.

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