It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

Regular Guest Contributors

ScotKris is an avid reader of crime fiction of many years and has worked as a book seller.  At the time of transferring this blog to WordPress in 2011 he had contributed the following:

Zoë Sharp novels: Fifth Victim; Fourth Day (originally posted April 2010, reissued 29.09.11); Third Strike (originally posted 27.06.08., reissued 24.09.11.)

Laurie R King novels: The God of the Hive; The Language of Bees; Touchstone (revised for 2013’s Allison and Busby edition in the UK).  Plus a report of a Laurie R King event at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil.

Tom Bale’s Terror’s Reach; Jim Kelly’s Death Wore White; Ann Cleeves’s Red Bones; Tony Black’s Gutted.

Christmas picks in 2009.

Further posts made here carry his separate author login ID of ScotKris.

Joining us from April 2012 is Martin J Frankson.

Martin is a crime novelist and a mystery short story writer, and an aficionado of the noir genre in literature, music and cinema.  He has had work published in Irish publications Fortnight and Electric Acorn. 

Martin has lived in London and Chicago and now resides in Belfast.

Find out more about Martin and his work at his site here.

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