Chris’s Christmas Tapas Bar

Defying the current economy, the It’s a Crime Restaurant is expanding as our front of house man has now come up with his menu.  All these superb dishes are available all the year round for your delectation via local independent bookshops, chains, other outlets and of course, Amazon.  Are you ready to fancy a bite or nine?

Crime Fiction Christmas Tapas

Bone by Bone – Carol O’Connell
A totally engaging dish, full of character.  Like bone marrow in a bowl, it’s very good for you.

The Power of One – Jane Adams
A fun, easy to read, modern cosy for a quick bite.

The Language of Bees – Laurie R. King
An adventure with the classic combination of Russell and Holmes, and more than a soupcon of mystery.

Pandaemonium – Chris Brookmyre
Pandaemonium on a plate with a dark comic touch.

The Monster in the Box – Ruth Rendell
You won’t know what’s coming until you get into it.  A crunching Wexford.

The Complaints – Ian Rankin
After years of consistently producing the MacRebus, chef Rankin proves he can cook up a storm in another dimension of Scottish flavour.

Cold to the Touch – Frances Fyfield
Brain food.  Intelligent crime fiction.

Under the Dome – Stephen King
Maxi sized at 900 pages.  Easily digested great storytelling with sci-fi element.

Crimespotting: An Edinburgh Crime Collection
Too many cooks to mention, but they prove that the broth may not be spoilt.  Indeed, it can be enhanced. Bite sized chunks of short stories.


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