A penultimate post and a thank you

This blog started ten years ago, back in 2005. Now, it is time to close it and move on.

Many, many thanks for reading, commenting, ‘liking’ and linking. Massive thanks to all who have contributed to these pages.

‘The last post’ will ring out on Friday, March 6, with details of ‘the new’ that comes about from moving on.

Thank you again.

Until Friday …


16 thoughts on “A penultimate post and a thank you

  1. Marianne Wheelaghan

    Hi Rhian, even though I know I am not around a lot, I will miss your posts – and your support. I do hope “moving on’ involves some sort of social media presence so we can stay in touch, no matter how infrequently. Looking forward to March 6th and hearing what your new life is to bring 🙂

  2. kimbofo

    I assume you are not giving up entirely? Well, at least I hope not. Will await 6 March announcement with baited breath!

  3. dorothyjames

    I have enjoyed your blog over the years. I have not been very active in the blogging world recently, but I hope to follow you into your new venture.

  4. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, Rhian, I am so sorry to hear you’ll be ending your blog. I do understand that things change, people have other things in their lives and the like, but your blog has been special to me…

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