Editor bio: Rhian Davies (crimeficreader). Judge for the Crime Writers’ Association’s John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Award for the years 2010 to 2012.  (This award is for a crime novel published for the first time in English in the UK.) Occasional reviewer of books for the Catholic Herald – mainly, but not exclusively, crime fiction.

Contact: crimeficreader at gmail dot com.

History: blog entries started out on Typepad in 2005 as a result of a visit to the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival. Following a seventh visit to the festival in 2011, the existing 183 book reviews were transferred over to WordPress and it’s still growing …

8 thoughts on “About

  1. david kendrick

    hi there
    please include me in your missives, i try to follow many european writers over here in the u.s.

  2. psyrnLinda

    While reading your blog I found two books not yet published in the US, Elly Griffiths’ A Room Full of Bones, and Jim Kelly’s Death’s Door. What I really like about these two authors is the way they evoke the setting, the marshland, the coast, all of that. Do you know of any DVDs that were filmed around there? I have never been.



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