Book Review Guidelines

The main type of book that features on this blog is crime fiction, though we are not averse to a break now and again.

Self-published books are highly unlikely to be considered, but are not completely ruled out.  We can only accept hard copy editions at the present time.

Contact details for queries: crimeficreader at gmail dot com.

3 thoughts on “Book Review Guidelines

  1. denise meredith

    Hi Rhian

    “Think Victorian CSI….”

    We have already talked on twitter. My second book comes out on Oct 25th – THE DEVIL’S RIBBON. I have a US deal with St Martin’s and Goldmann’s in Germany but no UK publisher so I am HYPE FREE! Both my books are available over here on Amazon, and those books stores I’ve been able to nobble. Heffers being a big supporter.

    My new book is 2nd in the series, the star of the show being the dogged pathologist – & London’s first forensic scientist – Professor Adolphus Hatton who works with his morgue assistant, Albert Roumande who one reader has called “far more than a Watson.” They solve crimes against interesting political backdrops – darwinism in “DEVOURED”; fenianism in THE DEVIL’S RIBBON.

    I can send you more detail, a paperback galley now or if you prefer later in October, a signed first edition. Is this something you would consider reviewing? I can send you more info on the series and THE DEVIL’S RIBBON by email – like the arc.

    Best wishes


    ps – new website going up very soon. current one bit of a mess! will tweet when ready in 2 wks time.

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      Hi Denise, yes we have spoken on twitter. Thanks for leaving the comment. I’ll reply to you by email on the weekend. Hope that’s ok. I am in the middle of a couple of busy days here! Best, CFR.



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