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A penultimate post and a thank you

This blog started ten years ago, back in 2005. Now, it is time to close it and move on.

Many, many thanks for reading, commenting, ‘liking’ and linking. Massive thanks to all who have contributed to these pages.

‘The last post’ will ring out on Friday, March 6, with details of ‘the new’ that comes about from moving on.

Thank you again.

Until Friday …

The Aurelio Column: Olympic goals achieved in the 400k

Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen

I am very pleased to announce that another Olympic milestone was passed over the weekend.  Of course, like the rest of you we were busy celebrating tennis Andy’s and all those other fine TeamGB Gold Medals at the time.

But, further to our recent announcement for our approximate one year anniversary on WordPress, we are now celebrating crossing the 400,000 hits line since we started back in the pre-Zenstolithic period.

Thanks again for reading and sticking with us, my bellas and gents.  Thanks also to new readers and followers coming on board during the last few months.

Let’s pop some more corks!

She who is in charge is away.

Thank you, all

At some point earlier today hits to this blog on WordPress crossed the 100,000 mark.  Assistant Editor Aurelio, my (two) regular guest contributors and I thank you all for your interest and visits.

Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen, always at your service for a prawn or two.

It is coming up to one year ago that It’s a Crime! was transferred from Typepad to WordPress and it is fair to say that hits were effected, but a solid recovery was made after a few months.  In fact, this first year on WordPress – being the 7th year of the blog – accounts for around 25% of the total hits since kick-off in 2005.

I am very proud that the top book-related post for this year is The Special Relationship: A Street Cat Named Bob as it is the story of recovering addict James and the impact stray cat Bob had on his life, and vice versa.  If that has helped generate interest and sell copies then I am a very happy bunny.  Second to that one came a news post for the Daily Telegraph’s Top 5 Crime Novels 2011 and – phew – a crime fiction post.

The top rated book review is S J Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep with Stav Sherez’s A Dark Redemption snapping closely at its heels. (I hope dog lover Stav appreciates what I did there…)

But after the home page / archives, the top individual post is Music from BBC4′s The Bridge – Hollow Talk, Choir of Young Believers.  That one clearly struck a chord.

And on that note – yes, this is bad pun number three and Aurelio just bopped me on the nose with his paw to say so – I will leave you in peace.  Thank you for reading.  You’re all lovely.


Due to some unforeseen circumstances this week’s STARTING OUT post will appear on Tuesday, April 10.

Please also note that until then the ability to leave comments has been reduced in scope.  This is due to an attack of s p * m.

Apologies for the inconvenience.