Season’s Greetings 2013


Season’s Greetings to all this fine December day, 2013. I wish you a merry Christmas.  I loved the above shop window for its traditional and true-meaning approach to Christmas, as well its wonderful creativity in using existing stock to create it.  It was delight to encounter and I hope you will find the same.

IMAG0574Just so you don’t think that essential sense of humour has been lost, here’s some seasonal toilet paper for you.  Are the views of those drawings to remind us what clean and pert backsides we can have over Christmas?  Just like Rudolph.

By sheet 12 Rudolph has gone skating and found a “friend”.  But then he dumps his friend in favour of snowboarding it seems.  I have no idea if we have little Rudolphs to welcome into the world before the end of the roll.

Merry Christmas!

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