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Origin – J T Brannan

Click on the pic for link to Amazon UK.

Click on the pic for link to Amazon UK.

Originally attracted by mention of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, J T Brannan’s debut Origin proved to be something other than expected.  This is a thriller that leaves little room to catch one’s breath.

In the Antarctic, research scientist Evelyn Edwards and her team discover a body buried under the ice which exceeds even her wildest imagination.  Tests indicate that the body is 40,000 years old.  That alone is astounding enough, but the body is also found in clothing made of fabric of rather advanced technology.   Later, when the team flies home, they are targeted by someone who wants to keep knowledge of this body and its provenance hidden.  Just managing to escape, Evelyn is on the run, alone and desperate.  She turns to ex-husband Matt Adams for help, a former member of an elite government unit.  They are in a race against time, taking them from Area 51 in the USA to the Large Hadron Collider in Europe, as they try to fathom out exactly what is going on and then to save…  [Well, that would be telling.]

Why Origin?  Well the origin of mankind is at the heart of this story, due to that body discovered in the Antarctic.   This is not a traditional crime thriller per se as it crosses over into science fiction.  Now take a deep breath – you’ll need it.   Origin has all the pace and action of Indiana Jones meets the more techno James Bond in the movies, cramming in a multitude of ingenious and bruising escapes in a chase that can be defined as “It can’t go on, can it?” – “Oh yes it can.”  Indeed the pace does not let up at all.

In joining Evelyn and Matt through their assault of escapes, certain elements require more than just a flicker of suspension of disbelief.  In essence, some things are simply just too hard to believe in the ‘grounded in reality’ section, but this is a romp of a thriller in that action movie style, so go with the flow.  If you stick with it to the end – and believe me, that’s easy to achieve – you will be rewarded with an absolutely fabulous denouement that ends on the perfect note (do not cheat here).

If you seek a romp of an action thriller that takes in conspiracy theories along the way, Origin delivers on the wave of a huge adrenaline rush.

Find out more about this debut author at his site here.  @JTBrannan_ on twitter.


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