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Debut Crime Thriller Author T J Cooke Free on Kindle UK today until midnight


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Down to earth lawyer Jill Shadow has overcome a traumatic past, one kept hidden from both professional colleagues and her 12 year old daughter Hannah. When imminent danger sees Jill transferred to a safe house, and her daughter abducted from school, Jill soon realises it’s a past she must confront.  Desperate to piece things together, Jill knows there are two key events which might help the authorities trace her missing daughter: her involvement in the Bella Kiss drug case, and the release of her former partner Jimmy Briscoe from a lengthy jail term.  With time running out, Jill takes matters into her own hands, setting out to find her missing daughter and discover where the real truth lies…


‘With his first novel, TJ Cooke introduces us to Jill Shadow, the accidental lawyer with a past she wants to stay hidden. But despite her best efforts, it catches up with her at the speed of a hurtling train and threatens not only her but her daughter Hannah. The various strands of both her personal and professional life slowly become inextricably linked until all becomes clear as the book reaches its climax. This is a crime thriller with soul and a page-turner to boot. I am sure this is not the last we’ll see of this tenacious lawyer. Highly recommended!’

Tim Kevan – Author of the BabyBarista series of books with Bloomsbury, and former Times and Guardian blogger

Find out more about the author T J Cooke at his site here.


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