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Aurelio’s Crime Fiction Trivia

Ciao my bellas! Which UK crime fiction author is the only Westerner to have been made an honorary member of the Chinese Crime Writers’ Association? Clue in the hat.

The answer will follow at exactly 20:00 tonight.  (Which is precisely 60 minutes before the start of last episode of The Bletchley Circle on ITV1.  See how this series is getting to me?)

AnswerPeter May, whose The Lewis Man (second in a trilogy) is on offer for Kindle at the moment at only 20p!   The order of the trilogy can be found here.   His series ‘The China Thrillers’ led to his Chinese honour there.  In another series called The Enzo Files, Mr May also created Enzo Macleod, who is half-Scottish and half-Italian.  He is a crime-solver who now lives in France and works as a university professor in Toulouse.  Well, that’s enough globe-trotting-with-Peter-May for today bellas!  Now where’s my dish of Scottish salmon gone?


2 comments on “Aurelio’s Crime Fiction Trivia

  1. MarinaSofia
    September 20, 2012

    A-ha, I think I may know this (after making a fool of myself with the tetralogies): Peter May, with his China thrillers?

  2. Jose Ignacio
    September 20, 2012

    I missed the answer to the previous question, the Falcon series, but I’m pretty sure I may have a clue now.

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