Aurelio’s Funky Feline Sunday Crime Fiction Quiz

Ciao my bellas!  I’ve been doin’ a bit of the old research and it’s time to broaden our horizons.  Just for some Sunday funky feline fun, here is my question.   Answer coming up later, 10 minutes before Downton comes on the telly.  Set your alarms!

Question:  Tetralogy.  With Parade’s End on the box you’d swear that Ford Madox Ford was the only author to have a tetralogy under their belt.  Which British crime fiction author has one set in a place of sunnier climes?  And what’s the feline connection here?

Scroll down for the answer after 20:50:

España for my tapas …

Answer:  Robert Wilson’s Falcón series, set in Seville, coming soon to TV screens.  What’s the feline connection?  Tapas.  Loads of little nibbles make dream food for cats.  Robert Wilson’s just joined twitter too, so keep up with him @RobWilsonwriter.  And find out more about his next novel, Capital Punishment, here.

Ciao my bellas!   I have a little dish of prawns demanding my attention …

10 thoughts on “Aurelio’s Funky Feline Sunday Crime Fiction Quiz

  1. MarinaSofia

    Baffling! My first thought was Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series (there are four of them, aren’t there?), set in France and Italy. But I cannot find a feline connection there, so I suspect that’s not the right answer. Other crime novels set abroad seem to go on for longer than just four books. The only other tetralogy I can think of is ‘The Alexandria Quartet’.

  2. Sarah

    I think I know the answer but as I haven’t read any of them I can’t really comment. You’re on the right track with Italy I think Marina Sofia.

  3. Sarah Hilary

    Hmm. Well, Dick Francis wrote one, but not set in anywhere sunny. Robert Wilson? In which case, the feline connection might be Schrodinger’s Cat? I’m reaching here…

  4. MarinaSofia

    I did think of Robert Wilson – I’ve even read one of the books, I just didn’t realise there were four of them! And I would never have got the tapas collection. Works for kids as well, not just cats.

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