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Author Ethics as laid out by Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen

Ciao my bellas!

There’s been a lot of fur flying on the interwebs about this sock puppety thing over the last few days and it’s all been very stressful.  Honestly, when I’ve come round from my latest batch of snoozing it’s been on my mind more than food!  So, I have come up with my own ‘Author Ethics’ plan.  See one big difference there?  Mine is a plan not a statement.  Mine is fluid to last until whatever the Martians and Daleks come up with to replace the interweb and I am dead.  I’ve already had it engraved into the back of my medal. Here we go then, this is what I stand for:

  • I will not use any fake identities online to promote myself or my work.  (I am Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen.  My only sudonims in use are Gorgeous, Fluffy, Zen Boy, Oreo, Handsome, Handsome Boy, Beauty, Magnificence and Ed.  If those come up I will add Zen at the end to be clear it’s me.)
  • I will never pay for anything nice to be said about me or my work.  (Hell, I’m a cat, it makes me a demanding creature.  You deliver, I enjoy.)
  • I promise to try not to diss anyone or anything under my own name, one of my officially sudomins, or under fake IDs.  (This is hard when one is a TV critic, I assure you.  May I remind you of The Body Farm?)
  • I shall refrain from inappropriate behaviours online.
  • I promise to be honest and heartfelt in everything I say and do during 100% of my conscious hours when not eating or using the litter tray or investigating the neighbourhood.
  • This is my flexible point for going forward, for adding things when I need to.  It’s called an eclipsis…

Yours Aurelio, over and out, xxx  Ciao!


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  1. ha ha ha 🙂

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