It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

Vote in the Specsavers Bestseller Dagger category – and the return of Fluffy and Billy…

Voting for the 2012 Specsavers Bestseller Dagger opened on 24 August and closes at midnight on 12 October.  Unlike last year, in 2012 only one vote per person is allowed.  (See the terms and conditions here.)  Also, voters can win a prize this year:

3 winning prizes which will be a selection of signed winning books from the Crime Thriller Awards: The winner of the CWA Gold Dagger award, the winner of the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award, the winner of the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger and a title from the winning author of the Specsavers Bestseller Dagger.


Readers of It’s a crime! may remember that in 2011, two cats – Fluffy and Billy – were rather taken with Peter James’s offer of a Brighton pier fish’n’chip supper for his fans, if he won.  Well, they did get a little lost when they headed out to Brighton last year, bursting with eager anticipation.  But luckily, due to the actions of MI5’s Harry Pearce they were returned home safely to Nana Alma.  Assistant Editor Aurelio caught up with them earlier today to find out what they think of the authors on this year’s shortlist.

Readers are reminded that they may draw their own conclusions when it comes to voting decisions.

Fluffy:  Do you there’d be anything in it for us if we vote, Billy?

Billy:  Might be, young Fluffy; let’s see.  I think we can give Nesbo as miss as he’s a bit far away in Norway and seems to be more into music and football than food when he’s not writing.

Fluffy:  OK.  What about Mr Horowitz?

Billy:  He’s appealing to kids and older ladies who love Foyle.  Sadly not big on felines.

Fluffy:  And MacBride?  I know nothing about him.

Billy:  Likes a joke and writes gory stuff, so I hear.  He’s up in Aberdeen.  There might some kippers in it for us?

Fluffy:  Not with your kidneys, Billy.  Smokies are salty; you know what Nana Alma says.  How about that lady Reichs?

Billy:  She’s even further afield, across the pond.  She specialises in bones, so I think she’d be more likely to get the doggy vote.  We really can’t support that can we?

Fluffy:  Well I hope you have some good news for us with Ann Cleeves, Billy.

Billy:  You’re in luck, young Fluffy.  We really ought to tail it up north as soon as we can as Ann’s an ornithologist.  If we accompany her on her watchings we’d have plenty of access to some birdies.

Fluffy:  Sounds good. Let’s vote for Ann and get going then.

Billy:  But first we need to sit down and watch Inspector Montalbano with Aurelio.  In tonight’s episode Montalbano finds something in the sea when he goes swimming.

Fluffy:  Oh cool.  Some delicious fish to dribble over, I presume?

Billy:  Er no.  The decomposing corpse of a human as it happens.

Fluffy:  Oh.



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