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Books coming from Corvus in October 2012, #fridayreads

From a recent publicity email, Corvus – an imprint of Atlantic Books – has the following novels set for publication in October:

Paperback edition on Amazon.

Truth Dare Kill by Gordon Ferris published on 4 October 2012 (crime fiction, paperback £7.99 / eBook £3.99)

Together with The Unquiet Heart, Truth Dare Kill tells the story of Danny McRae, ex-SOE agent in postwar London and Berlin. From the bestselling author of The Hanging Shed and Bitter Water – an e-book and print sensation.

1945: The war’s over. But there are no medals for Danny McRae. Just amnesia and blackouts; twin handicaps for a private investigator with a filthy rich client on the hook for murder.

Danny’s blackouts mean that hours, sometimes days, are a complete blank. So when news of a brutal killer stalking London’s red light district start to stir grisly memories, Danny is terrified about what he might discover if he delves deeper into his fractured mind.

As the two bloody sagas collide and interweave, Danny finds himself running for his life across the bomb-ravaged city. The only escape is through that gap in his memory…

Love and Other Dangerous Chemicals by Anthony Capella published on 4 October 2012 (fiction, paperback £7.99 / eBook £4.99)

A funny, heart-warming and lovable rom-com with lashings of sex, geeky scientists, sparkling writing and witty sparring of the sexes. Love and Other Dangerous Chemicals is a novel about what really makes lovers tick by bestselling novelist Anthony Capella.

Dr Steven Fisher is one of Oxford’s leading bio-molecular scientists who is busy discovering a drug that will help women enjoy sex. Annie Gluck is a super-clever English PhD student who finds her way to Dr Fisher’s lab looking for something that will help her to orgasm. Annie agrees to take part in Dr Fisher’s ground-breaking experiment that is seeking to find a pill that will help women like her discover sexual pleasure, but when she does so his experiment is thrown into disarray. Dr Fisher is left pondering: are Annie’s test results caused by a problem in his lab? Or are they caused by something more fundamental?

The Ward by S.L. Grey published on 2 October 2012 (horror, paperback £7.99 /eBook £6.49)

S.L.Grey are a horror-writing duo who broke onto the scene with their fantastically reviewed debut The Mall, ‘one of the cleverest, creepiest, and most memorable horror novels for ages’ according to the Independent on Sunday. Take a trip to The Ward at your own peril…

Lisa is a plastic surgery addict with severe self-esteem issues who can only find doctors to treat her at the grimy, grey-walled New Hope hospital.

Farrell is a celebrity photographer who wakes up in No Hope, alone and blind, after a fight with his fashion-model girlfriend… Panicked by sinister nurses and needle marks criss-crossing his arms, Farrell persuades Lisa to help him escape, but the hospital’s dimly lit corridors only take them deeper underground – Down here, in the Modification Ward, Lisa can finally have the face she wants…but at a price that will haunt her them both forever.

The Middle Kingdom by David Wingrove published 9 October 2012 (science fiction, trade paperback £14.99 / eBook £9.99)

A masterpiece of world-building, David Wingrove’s extraordinary and ambitious 20-volume Chung Kuo series is a dark glimpse into mankind’s destiny.

The year is 2196. The great Empire of Ice, Chung Kuo, has finally been shaken after more than a century of peace enforced by brutal tyranny. The Minister of the Edict – an official responsible for licensing all technology that could lead to Change – has been assassinated. The seven ruling T’ang struggle to maintain Statis, even as their mile-high, continent-spanning cities descend into chaos.


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