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Inspector Montalbano Returns to BBC4 at 9pm on Saturday, August 25…

… with a run of 12 episodes.  Keep your eyes on this page at the Radio Times.  If Wikipaedia is to be believed then all will be new episodes aired in the UK.  With * denoting ‘not from books’ and ** denoting ‘based on a story from a book, translated but not yet available in the UK’, the episodes should be:
1 Turning Point
2 Equal Time*
3 The Spider’s Patience
4 Find the Lady*
5 August Flame
6 The Wings of the Sphinx
7 The Track of Sand
8 The Paper Moon
9 The Potters Field
10 The Gull’s Dance*
11 Treasure Hunt*
12 The Age of Doubt**

3 comments on “Inspector Montalbano Returns to BBC4 at 9pm on Saturday, August 25…

  1. Luca'sLookalike
    August 16, 2012

    Fantastic news – hooray for BBC4!
    After seeing every episode of the brilliant first season, i have to say it was, without doubt, the best thing i have seen on UK television in a long long time.
    A program that i love on so many different levels. The superb Luca Zingaretti. The intriguing and beautifully paced story lines that so refreshingly, take their time to unfold. The subtle humour. The stunning scenery – landscapes, architecture and interiors. And of course – the wonderful Italian food.
    Cant wait!

  2. kathy d.
    August 17, 2012

    Bah! Humbug! We don’t get BBC4 over in the States. And Montalbano is my favorite curmudgeonly Sicilian police detective.
    Well, there is the option to go to MHZ Networks and buy the dvd’s which may happen.

  3. MarinaSofia
    August 19, 2012

    Ah, I didn’t realise they also made some episodes not based on Camilleri’s books… When I first saw the series, I thought it was an old one (it has that old-fashioned feel to it), so I am reallly glad to hear there will be more episodes.

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