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Paid Publicity Internship at Pan Macmillan funded by the Ann Cleeves Bursary

Ann’s Vera novels have now been adapted into a successful TV series with Brenda Blethyn in the lead role.

We have an exciting opportunity available for a bright and enthusiastic candidate to work as a paid intern. You will be working on a promotional campaign for an upcoming book by Ann Cleeves and will be funded by the Ann Cleeves Bursary.  The role will be based within Pan Macmillan’s publicity department and will be for a fixed period of 12 weeks from the 1st October.  Only candidates living or working outside the Greater London area will be eligible for funding by the bursary, which has been set up to offer applicants across the UK an opportunity to gain publishing experience…

Ann says: ‘I’ve been concerned recently by the very few people with regional accents working in publishing. Everyone seems to come from London. Why? Because it’s impossible to get a job without work experience. And how do you get work experience if you live outside the capital unless you have very wealthy parents prepared to support you? So this is my very small attempt to make a difference. I’m sponsoring a bursary, which will pay a reasonable wage (including interview expenses) to an intern working in the press department of my lovely publisher Pan Macmillan, for 3 months.’

Find out more and apply here.


One comment on “Paid Publicity Internship at Pan Macmillan funded by the Ann Cleeves Bursary

  1. lrsin89
    August 15, 2012

    What an excellent idea and such a lovely gesture! I have just completed a Masters in Publishing, but living in Scotland is making it very difficult to break in to the main hub of publishing in London. This is definitely something I will be applying for! Fingers crossed…

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