Old Flames by John Lawton in PB in September

To ensure you don’t miss it, the second novel in Lawton’s Troy series – Old Flames – arrives reissued in PB in the UK by Grove Press in September.  Click on the image to find the book on Amazon.  (It’s already available in ebook format.)

And if you’d like to see what other books are in Atlantic’s stable for July to December 2012, here’s the pdf of their catalogue.  ATLCAT_12 Final Lo Res[1]


2 thoughts on “Old Flames by John Lawton in PB in September

  1. Ian Synge (@isynge)

    Having recently been indulging in a revisit of Lawton’s oeuvre this certainly is good news for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, but by the same token, sparks a degree of sympathy for them in not having had the chance of indulging.

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