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The Aurelio Column: Olympic goals achieved in the 400k

Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen

I am very pleased to announce that another Olympic milestone was passed over the weekend.  Of course, like the rest of you we were busy celebrating tennis Andy’s and all those other fine TeamGB Gold Medals at the time.

But, further to our recent announcement for our approximate one year anniversary on WordPress, we are now celebrating crossing the 400,000 hits line since we started back in the pre-Zenstolithic period.

Thanks again for reading and sticking with us, my bellas and gents.  Thanks also to new readers and followers coming on board during the last few months.

Let’s pop some more corks!

She who is in charge is away.


2 comments on “The Aurelio Column: Olympic goals achieved in the 400k

  1. pauldbrazill
    August 7, 2012

    Now, that is good!

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