Name and Shame: Content Stealing 1

I doubt that my comment will be published, but I have just left this comment on a blog/site:

This is stolen content from my blog, reproduced in full and without my permission.

Just in case the post is removed, here’s the URL of the home page.

It was not a WordPress re-blogging exercise as it was a copy of the whole post.  All that remained missing were the comments.

**Update** – following a tip-off from @Pointy_Finger this morning (many thanks), this is the owner of the above site.  Having looked at just this one, I suspect he’s making money from on the page advertising and affiliated links (Amazon).  As well as stealing others’ content, of course.  The names of some of the other registered domains look a tad dubious too.

Click on pic for more information.

5 thoughts on “Name and Shame: Content Stealing 1

  1. Annette

    I can’t seem to access any of the comments although it says there are 32 of them and it mentions you as the ‘author’ at the top of the page. All odd and shocking. Well spotted xx

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