Some score 15 and some just get their 15 minutes…

A Criminal Mastermind?  You’ve got to be joking…

Some of you may already know that for this year’s CrimeFest I agreed to replace Paul Johnston in the Criminal Mastermind event.  Well it all happened earlier today, the last event in a packed programme.  I thought quite a few would have left already but the room was full and in it were many familiar faces.  Thanks to Mari Hannah, the evidence of my presence is preserved below.

A blur for the camera at the back and a big blur for me when it comes to memory of the event.

I am on the far right with my hand hiding some of my face.  At this point Peter Guttridge is in the hot seat and, to the left behind him are Peter Rosovsky (left) and Jake Kerridge (right).  We started with Peter G for the specialist subject round and finished with me.  I don’t think I was the only one to start with the nerves fraying a little, but by the general round it did become enjoyable.  I even managed to score in the general section; something I had not anticipated …

I am pleased to say that I didn’t come last.  I am also pleased that I didn’t put any money on my anticipated winner as it proved a very tight contest between the top two.  Both Peter G and Peter R scored a total of 15 points, with Peter G taking the trophy on the basis of fewer passes.  It has to be said that both Peters put in impressive performances.

So they scored 15 apiece and I got my Warhol 15 minutes.

It was wonderful to have two complete strangers – all the way from the US – come up to me after the event to say I was very courageous and that they were impressed and entertained by me.  It was also wonderful to have the support of so many people I knew.  Poor Sarah Hilary exhibited her loyalty even to the extent of foregoing the opportunity to win a free weekend pass for next year by entering the draw with a guess that I’d win.  (And that was never on the cards, believe me.  The other three would have had to have been comatose.)

Thanks to Karen Meek for tweeting during the event and for tweeting the final scores.

And Paul, your previous winning performance remains in the hall of fame.

Finally, winning was indeed a great birthday present for Mr Guttridge.  Happy birthday Peter G and congratulations!

I can now rest with a smile on my face as I didn’t come last.  Could I have lived with that?  As I answered one of the questions: no.

More later in the week on the CrimeFest experience.  Because you won’t want to miss out next year, I assure you.

10 thoughts on “Some score 15 and some just get their 15 minutes…

  1. Maxine

    Well done, Rhian, it was very brave to enter and I hope you enjoyed it! I wonder if Paul Johnson’s score is higher than the legendary Martin Edwards – he won the two years I attended crime fest but after that he was banned from entering, I think 😉

  2. Peter

    Forgot to mention that my specialty category was Dashiell Hammett, and that the day was Hammett’s birthday as well as Peter Guttridge’s. But did I get asked that as one of my questions? Nooooooo!

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