The Olympic torch has arrived in the UK …

… and later in the year we will see plenty of this.

(A pic I captioned yesterday when in a ‘mood’.)

8 thoughts on “The Olympic torch has arrived in the UK …

  1. J.C. Martin

    I for one can’t wait for the Olympics, because my novel set in London 2012 debuts around the same time! 🙂 The Hubster’s already volunteered to hand out postcards near the venues! 🙂

  2. writerlywitterer

    The whole Olympic bandwagon drives me to distraction. The sheer waste of money for a two week party is disgusting – and afterwards, the ‘legacy’ will be hollow indeed, if there is anything to actually show for it. I just hope we pay off the debt sooner than Montreal.

    1. Lesley Cookman

      Now, do you think they’ll add this to the debt that’s already there? Or pretend it doesn’t exist? Or do a few more stealth taxes? Or…or….

  3. Shelley Ashford

    You should try being a rugby hater when the Rugby World Cup was here in Auckland
    . I recall reading a lot of books at that time – there wasn’t much else to do. No point going into town because of the crowds and louts

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