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BBC4 The Bridge – Anticipation of the Finale

**Potential spoilers below**

Tonight sees the last two episodes of The Bridge.  Here are the summaries from the Radio Times:

Episode 9:  The complex trail of clues finally leads the police to a man they believe could be the killer. The officers then wait to find out what his next move will be – until the case takes a brutal twist that has terrifying consequences for Martin and Saga.

Episode 10:  The case reaches a terrifying conclusion as Martin realises he is the killer’s final target. He joins his colleagues to search for the villain, but faces a race against time to prevent further bloodshed. Meanwhile, Saga refuses to be deterred from her pursuit of justice.

Martin’s wife Mette and her guardian angel when she is in pain.

On Monday, check out this link from the Radio Times’s Alison Graham who tweeted on Friday:



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