The Aurelio Column 17 May – Book Giveaway!

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She who is in charge is busy with a CWA meeting today.  So, in order to assist with the much needed clear out here at Chateau Crimefic, I have decided we’ll have a book giveaway!  Knowing she’s keeping her beady eyes on me, it’s a spy novel by Chris Morgan Jones which has just come out in paperback.  (See the cover on the right – it’s much nicer than the hardback IMO – but I’m a big ball of fluff, what do I know?)

All you have to do to be included in my draw is to perform a little investigation.  Find her review on this site, identify the sixth word of the last but one sentence and tell me in the comments if it’s a noun or a verb.  (Don’t forget to use the search box top right to get a lead.)

Comments up until midnight today in the UK.  You’ll need a UK address to send the book to if you are the winner.

Ciao for now my bellas!  Good luck!

Update from Aurelio on 18 May: we have a winner!  And we’ll be in touch.


5 thoughts on “The Aurelio Column 17 May – Book Giveaway!

  1. Col

    I think the word is ‘debut’. As I’m pretty hopeless at anything to do with grammar I should stop there! However throwing grammatical embarrassment caution to the wind, I’ll say I think it can be a verb or a noun or an adjective but in the sentence in the review it’s a noun – I think! But I’m not certain! What I am certain of is that Debut is also the title of a Bjork album – but I don’t think that’s the answer either somehow!!!

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