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The Aurelio Column 16 May

I know some of you doubt that I take this job seriously, so here I am to prove you wrong.  I have even jazzed things up with a name for my column.  What do you think?

The only things I have to tell you today is that Rufus Sewell – the actor who played my namesake on the telly – is making an appearance on Saturday at the KAPOW! Comic Convention in London.  After careful thought and some persuading from me, she who is in charge is not going.  I told her: she gets a better view watching him on screen with the DVD (that she’s now lost, by the way – but it’s here somewhere).

The second thing to make up the ‘things’ is that @StreetCatBob has been touring again this week.  On Sunday he had a fabulous signing at Waterstones in Walthamstow, E17 and he’s been on Radio Devon too!  My favourite hand-selected pics follow.  A big batch from Walthamstow can be viewed here.

Ciao for now my bellas!

Settling in for some Bob on Radio Devon! (Click on pic to find out more about the book.)

Making a grand entrance at Waterstones in Walthamstow. (Click on pic to find out more about the book.)



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