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From the desk of Assistant Editor Aurelio Zen …

TV reminders: that wonderful legal thriller Silk returns to BBC1 tonight at 9pm, with a new series of Lewis starting on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV1.  (This week’s Lewis episode is named after me – The Soul of Genius.)

And just so you know – as they say at Virgin Media – my bedtime reading this week is Fifty Shades of Fluff, written by a Miss Hoover-Dyson.  So far, the cats are winning; but what did you expect, eh?  It’s a fine literary, feline thriller and I expect to see it top the ebook charts by Sunday.  It doesn’t even cost as much as a tin of Whiskas.

Sorry it’s a very short column from me but I am catching up with The Bridge as I tend to be asleep when it’s on.  Who’d have thought it?  We have a new character before the last two episodes.  He’s got to be the baddie, right?  I am going to have to stay awake this week.

She who is in charge will be back in a day or so, so we can all chill for a bit.

And I didn’t mention it.  Not once.


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  1. booketta
    May 15, 2012

    Sooo looking forward to Silk have put in to record just in case we are detained and cannot watch live, sob, sob 😦

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