Help Required from Criminal Masterminds – Please!

Criminal Mastermind in Training.

Sadly, Paul Johnston has had to pull out of this year’s CrimeFest as he’s facing surgery in the very near future.  We all wish him well with that and a speedy recovery from it.  Now, consider me brave or foolish, but when approached to replace him in Sunday’s Criminal Mastermind slot, I said yes.  (That Adrian Muller can have more charm than all those Muller yoghurt adverts put together.)

So, as I’ve not actually managed to get to this event in the past, here’s my first question(s).

What sort of depth does Maxim go into with his questions?  What’s a typical type of general round question?

Secondly, could I enlist some help in my ‘training’ from you supportive criminal masterminds out there?  I’d love it if you’d ask me crime fiction questions in the comments here / on friendfeed / on twitter, especially ones on debut authors published in the UK since 2010.

Thank you all.  I hope, I really hope I don’t bomb at this.  The event on the Sunday (27 May) at 12:20.  My money’s on Peter Rosovsky for the winner.


17 thoughts on “Help Required from Criminal Masterminds – Please!

  1. Maxine

    My suggestion is that you choose “Debut UK authors 2012” as your specialist subject. Oh, and ask Martin Edwards to hide behind your chair and whisper the answers to the obscure questions! Good luck!

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      Thanks! Not far off Maxine, I’ve gone for debut authors published in the UK since 2010. And there’s a certain shortish tome I intend to read before the event…

      1. Peter

        Well, Peter Guttridge has a track record in these competition, and he has the advantage of being able to use his own books as his specialist category. But Maxine’s advice is sound. Anyone on stage who has a miniature receiver concealed in his or her ear and Martin Edwards transmitting answers from the rear of the hall stands a fine chance of carrying off the crystal.

  2. Mari

    Oh brilliant! Must make sure I’m there to watch you put the others to shame. My money is on you, Rhian. Well, ahm, maybe not my money … but I’ll be willing you to win! 😉

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