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Coming to terms with death: Philip Gould

‘… and at that moment … I have a kind of freedom.’

I started to watch what is a memorial video yesterday and completed today: When I Die : Lessons from the Death Zone.  It cuts to the core of life and Gould expresses and reminds us what is important.  One can only say, RIP Philip Gould and thank you for sharing your final intimate thoughts; I hope you do enjoy your chosen and beautiful plot.  Many of us – for various reasons – have experencied the loss of those closest to us without the chance to say goodbye.  This video is not a prompt to remind us ‘what we lost’ in our state of loss but a reminder of what was there, whatever the circumstances.  Love conquers all.  Love may be denied a final, telling word but it still infuses every element and lives on in those who received its wonderful power.

There is a book, and that will be here later.  For now, perhaps like me, it’s the message that counts, so please take in the video.



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