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BBC4 Inspector Montalbano

Sadly the current series of Montalbano came to an end last night; but it closed its curtains on a wonderful note with The Goldfinch and The Cat, lovingly sharing with us its humour.  I struggled with the first episode as the subtitles moved so quickly when Montalbano was in ‘hissy fit’ mode.  However, I stuck with it on the advice of tweeting companions and grew to love it.   And the books?  I have to admit that Andrea Camilleri is one of those authors I have not got around to yet.  But as soon I have the time that will change.  The TV productions for this run covered 1999 to 2002 and it was interesting to see how things have changed.  Here, we have Montalbano in pictures.

He had the balcony to die for and preceded Simon Cowell on the high waistband front.

We had a setting to die for and to induce vertigo.

He often had long-winded witnesses he’d probably love to kill.

He loved his food. (And so did we.) He could cook too!

He brought out the strengths in his team. Here Catarella had 'gone missing' when devoting himself to the task in hand.

And Caterella soon turned into the IT guru, introducing everyone to the internet ...

… and the word ‘search’.

Fazio eventually found love and did that ‘teenager thing’.

And our dear Salvo eventually found love … with Orlando, on the right.

Ah, Inspector, WE WANT YOU BACK.

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  1. For anyone whose Italian is up to it (mine is inadequate for the task), later episodes can be viewed on the RAI equivalent of the BBC’s i-player. Luckily, for some reason, we are not restricted in viewing Italian streamed TV in the way that Italians are prevented from viewing BBC TV programmes on-line.
    Archive available here

  2. Valerie du Monceau
    April 15, 2012

    Just the best…yesss. I even stayed in for the last episode rather than my usual watching on i player. Brilliant, acting, plot, photography and beautiful Sicily. What more could one want ? Montalbano perhaps.

  3. gojiramonkey
    April 16, 2012

    Yes, indeed. A sad farewell to Sicily and the fantastic Inspector Montalbano. A veritable sunwashed cure for the UK winter blues and I shall miss those guys terribly. Made a nice warm, technicolour change from the dark monochrome Scandinavian crime shows but as they are also undeniably brilliant I look forward with relish to The Bridge with Kim whatsisname from the twisted PUSHER film (and yes he was in Forbrydelsen briefly) as he has the most wonderfully expressive face which age hasn’t done anything to diminish I guess. But again I shall miss Salvo and Mimi and all the characters (though Livia annoyed the p*** outta me, make up your mind ya skittish mare !!) Make somewmore soon PLEASE…just like those croquettes !!! And seriously…NOBODY else spotted Salvo’s resemblance to (ironically) Football Italia presenter and all round brain and wit James Richardson ??? Google it !!

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