New clichés in crime fiction

It turned up on TV last week.  Even the Danish have fallen for it. Yes, it’s eastern European dentistry.  And it will always help to identify the victim.  How many times have you read/seen this?  Here’s last week’s Those Who Kill episode:

Could we have a rogue titanium implant specialist from Harley Street for once please?  Or just a really crap dentist practising in Purley?

10 thoughts on “New clichés in crime fiction

  1. Yvonne Johnston (@Whyjay99)

    I wonder if they will use this in US crime series but instead of the dentistry being bad because it is Eastern European it will be something along the lines of ‘yellowing wonky teeth, must have lived in the UK for some time’.

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      Most likely and a good opportunity for them! Even though we have come on leaps and bounds due to X Factor, fat City salaries and the influx of Russian oligarchs. 😉

  2. Peter

    I thought UK teeth were rubbish. And I heard that from a UK dentist.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

    1. Peter

      I have both family and friend among the ranks of (retired) UK dentists. They are a staunch and reliable group, I’d say.

        1. Peter

          One pointer I got from my retired dentist cousin: I once phoned him from Bath, telling him where I was calling from and pronouncing the city’s name as a North American would. “You’re not in Bath,” he said. “You’re in BAWWTH.”

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