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A literary prize more sexist than the Orange?

Crime flash fiction competition.

Two tweets from author, Mr Christopher Wakling during the week:


Yes, the judging panel is an all-women affair.  But, unlike the Orange, men can enter this one.  A chance for the ladies to utter ‘Submit now’ with too much relish?

Do head over to find out more and check the wonderful prizes on offer.  And then get writing and submit.  Submit, I tell you!  Got that now?


3 comments on “A literary prize more sexist than the Orange?

  1. kathy d.
    March 25, 2012

    The Orange Prize is not sexist. It gives women writers a chance to be nominated and win for their writing.

    How many “best of” book lists and nominations for prizes are still nearly all male? How many reviewers only read books by male authors?

    The mystery book world is still heavily dominated by male authors? Case in point: a list of “best” mysteries of 2010 at a well-known website had 30 books listed. Only one was by a woman.

    Still categories for mystery awards list all male authors or four out of five.

    Is Sisters in Crime sexist? Are their awards sexist? I think not and legions of women would agree.

    • crimeficreader
      March 25, 2012

      Kathy, this was a tongue in cheek post to draw attention to the competition.

      Having said that, the Orange Prize is by definition ‘sexist’, I’d have thought, as it discriminates its eligibility for the prize based on the sex of the author. It had a point when it was established, but I wonder if it still has today given changes to laws etc.

  2. DJ´s krimiblog
    March 25, 2012

    Indeed a most competent group of judges 🙂

    Oh my, why is it my imagination is so stale, flat and unprofitable right now?

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