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BBC The Apprentice 2012: Candidates

Ciao my bellas!

If you think things have been catty round here so far this week, you’re right.   I’ve even got my own log in now.  (She’s out shopping by the way.  I needed food.)  But it’s going to get catty in other way soon.  The Apprentice starts tonight on BBC1 at 21:00.  They don’t really start getting catty until episode three.  Until then they’re sort of finding one another.  But not in the biblical sense.  (That’s more likely by episode seven.)   As we all know, sixteen new faces in one go is a bit of a strain, so CFR – as we call her here in editorial – has prepared a crib sheet again.  Click on it to download.  The Apprentice Candidates 2012 Crib L

I wonder what our new friend Bob makes of all this.

What do you mean what’s on my screen?  Look at your own!

Ciao my bellas!  Aurelio x


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