Talking Cats

Hope to resume normal blogging service by the weekend.

Until then, enjoy this scene from two characters in Coronation Street, circa 1968  …

sorry, two talking cats.

In a fab video.


5 thoughts on “Talking Cats

  1. acrimereadersblog

    It must be a week for crime and cats as they were in my new blog today.

    I’ve just found your blog, which is great, looking forward to searching some of your reviews and finding some new authors to try. I’m attending the whole weekend of the Harrogate Crime Writers Festival this year for the first time, can’t wait!


  2. kathy d.

    I love those cats. Thanks. I now kick myself even more for having developed allergies to these furry felines, to my consternation.

  3. Pie the fat cat

    Talking cats on Twitter? I’ll say MOL You don’t know the half of it >^.^<

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