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Friday Afternoon Quiz – win a novel!

Win a PB copy of Jason Webster’s Or the Bull Kills You.

How do people react to books?

Here are three review summaries for crime thriller novels from, as at this morning.  They have all been published in the UK since January 2011, and have British authors.  Can you identify the author name and the title?  A point for each correct author and title, and the highest score wins.  In the case of a tie, a name will be pulled from a hat.  Leave a comment with your answers (now all in moderation).  Closes 10pm tonight, UK time, when the comment replies and the answers will be published to put you out of your misery.  The winner will be announced as soon as admin allows thereafter.  Good luck!  [Open to UK and Ireland only, sorry.]

This author’s successful novel came from word of mouth and the continuing build of those highly positive Amazon reviews.  In the scheme of things, not many are particularly vocal about hating it or finding disappointment between the pages.

Here the reviews are polarised.  Most who have taken the time to place their opinions on Amazon are positive, but some really don’t like this author’s recent novel.  Could it be the humour and gore that the author is renowned for which polarises?

It’s hard to remain unaware of this novel.  It’s hugely successful but it does have its dissenters.  What novel have you read in the last year that led to the thought ‘Wow!’ or ‘Have we read the same book?’


  1. Elizabeth Haynes’s Into the Darkest Corner.
  2. Stuart MacBride’s Shatter the Bones.
  3. S J Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep.

Congratulations to suzigun with that 100% score. We will be in touch!


2 comments on “Friday Afternoon Quiz – win a novel!

  1. OK – number 3 has got to be Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson!
    My guess is that no.1 is Elizabeth Haynes’ Into the Darkest Corner.
    Don’t have a clue about no.2 – but I guess it’s only been published recently because there are not that many reviews.

  2. suzigun
    March 9, 2012

    Fun way to spend a Friday!

    The first book is one which Amazon kindly delivered this morning – Elizabeth Haynes, Into The Darkest Corner – which was recomended to me via Twitter when I said I didn’t enjoy what I think is the third book – SJ Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep.

    So humour & gore – makes me think Stuart MacBride – not read any of his yet, but did hear him & Mark Billingham talk about crime fiction in Reading last year. So 2011 would be Shatter the Bones.

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