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International Women’s Day – Strong Female Protagonists

Some may question the existence of International Women’s Day, but in some countries women still suffer.  In Afghanistan it is still considered unacceptable for a woman to be in public unescorted.  Female circumcision remains.  Babies are aborted simply because the foetus is female.

But here in the UK, let’s celebrate women with strong female protagonists in crime fiction.  Here are two second novels coming on 15 March.

If you have not yet heard of Elizabeth Haynes, where have you been?  Her first novel, Into the Darkest Corner has captured the imagination of many women in the UK and become a big success.  Her second novel Revenge of the Tide also features a strong female protagonist.

For me, what makes Haynes’s voice unique is its intimacy; it’s like having your best friend sitting next to you, relating a story.

Replying to a tweet, Haynes summed up her novel as this:

“Still a psycho thriller, a bit less grim. Heroine much feistier. Not scared of anything. Pole dancing and houseboats. X”

Quentin Bates introduced us to his strong female Icelandic protagonist in his debut novel, Frozen Out.  Not only is she strong, she’s also pretty normal with a normal life.  In Frozen Out someone refers to her as:

“Gunna?  Can’t miss her.  She’s a big fat lass with a face that frightens the horses.”

In Bates’s second novel Cold Comfort, we meet Gunna after she’s had a well-deserved promotion in the police force.


2 comments on “International Women’s Day – Strong Female Protagonists

  1. evahudson
    March 8, 2012

    Yes – more strong women protagonists please! I’m still waiting for the new Jane Tennyson! Still, Scott and Bailey will be returning soon – in book form AND on telly!

  2. djpaterson
    March 8, 2012

    If you’re looking for strong female protagonists, look further than Meg Gardiner – a UK based American author. She has two series (both set in the USA), one featuring Jo Beckett, and one featuring Evan Delaney. Her blog is here:

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