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1 March 2012: St David’s Day and World Book Day

St David's Cathedral, west Wales

Welcome to St David’s Day in Wales and enjoy your World Book Day! Find out more about World Book Day in Wales here and at the Welsh Books Council here.  And don’t forget to take a look at the magazine: QuickReadsMagazine2012

Wales is quietly and stealthily making an appearance in the UK’s crime fiction scene these days, so on St David’s Day we draw your attention to a novel that is firmly Welsh.  The author may hail from Scotland but he now lives in the Welsh Marches with his wife, and his protagonist draws accurately from Welsh cultural history, mixing Welsh with Italian.

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Ewart Hutton’s Good People is the first in a series of three featuring Welsh Detective Sergeant, Glyn Capaldi.  Following a Cardiff case that did not go too well, Capaldi was sent off to the Marches, tail between his legs, where he’s the incomer, the guy from the big city.  When some of the local worthies return drunk from a rugby international – stealing and then abandoning a minibus, staying out all night in the surrounding hills with a prostitute who cannot be traced – the local coppers are happy enough to put it down to high spirits. These are good people after all: upstanding members of this insular small town.  And the coppers don’t need a detective on the case.  But Capaldi thinks there’s something more sinister at work and he won’t let it go …

So, start your crime fiction reading for March with a taste of something Welsh.  It’s a good one.


4 comments on “1 March 2012: St David’s Day and World Book Day

  1. Maxine
    March 1, 2012

    Although I have been promoting this as a good Welsh book, I’m informed that the author is Scottish!

  2. booketta
    March 1, 2012

    Happy St David’s Day to you.

  3. VallyP
    March 3, 2012

    I shall try this! Sounds good!

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