The Killing, Borgen and up next… Those Who Kill

Yes, we have more Danish crime/thriller TV coming!  Thanks to a tip-off from @Milla64 and a little internet research, I was able to find an article on the Radio Times site dated 27 Jan.  In that article Paul Jones writes:

As the popularity of Danish TV drama continues, ITV3 is attempting to cash in with the acquisition of Those Who Kill, a crime series by author Elsebeth Egholm.

The success of BBC4 shows The Killing and political drama Borgen (currently airing) suggests the appetite for Danish drama has not diminished, and here to take over where Sarah Lund left off – ITV3 will be hoping – is Inspector Katrina Ries Jensen, played by Laura Bach.

Read the rest of the article here.

And those who were disappointed to lose Troels Hartmann after series one of The Killing will be pleased to know that Lars Mikkelsen appears in Those Who Kill playing a policeman.

Amazon’s entry for the Blu-ray DVD of the series provides the following synopsis:

Those Who Kill is a new high-end Danish crime series.  Focusing on why the killer kills, rather than puzzling over who he could be, gives the films a distinctive psychological dimension.  They become a series of ‘whydunnit’ stories, getting under the skin of our perpetrators, and attempting to map and describe their psychology and their fantasies.  In this way, the films acquire an added dimension to the classic ‘whodunnit’ detective story.

The Radio Times does not give airing dates at this time, but @Milla64 thinks it is to start on 16 February.  I will keep you posted.

You may see another familiar face in this series too.  Look out for Carsten Bjørnlund  from The Killing 2’s famous shower scene.  His face is on the left, if you studied it closely enough at the time…

And we now have a trailer to view. Click here.

15 thoughts on “The Killing, Borgen and up next… Those Who Kill

  1. Maxine

    ooh yes please, keep us posted, I’ve been missing Troels! Thanks for all the info, the author (Egholm) is one who Dorte recommends as being very good though only one of her books has been translated into English and so far is only available in Australia!

  2. Lauren

    As I mentioned in a comment to the next post, I’ve seen this (German TV is pretty good about screening Scandinavian crime – I’d been wondering about missing Borgen, but it starts here this week). It’s good, but pretty grim…I’m starting to wonder about the mental state of those living to the north of me!

    But Lars Mikkelsen is excellent. Laura Bach’s character irritates me, though it does all work. (Her character reminds me a little of Roz in Spooks, if anyone watched that, and I’m not sure that’s entirely a good thing.)

      1. Lauren

        Lower Saxony, on the edge of East Friesland and not that far from the Dutch border. (Also known as “Flat as a Pancake” by anyone who visits me!)

        German television has a terrible reputation, and the fact that they dub everything is grating, but there’s a surprising amount of good crime, both local and imported.

  3. DJ´s krimiblog

    As usual I read a book while my husband watched TV, but I´d say that people who enjoyed The Killing will also love this one. Great actors, lots of action and an Asperger protagonist 🙂

      1. Lauren

        I should probably clarify for everyone else by saying that social skills are not a strong point of many of the characters in this series!

  4. David Albrow

    Well done ITV 3 for the excellent “Those who Kill”. A great pity that a second series was not commissioned.

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