George Clooney, Nespresso and #fridayreads

Coincidences can unnerve and surprise you.  Seeing a ‘professional’ yesterday I was told ‘I am going to use a scalpel to do this.’  My response?  ‘I had a dream with a scalpel last night, or the night before.’  I say ‘professional’ for a reason.  Before I’d even got out of bed this morning, I’d checked the Kindle daily deal and bought it on my mobile phone (which I also use as an alarm clock).  Then I took a browse of the first page on Kindle for Android.  This is its third sentence:

Quality was more important than quantity in most professions.

Sadly, yesterday felt the opposite.  I felt part of a conveyor belt process and as if they’d forgotten I was a human being.

Anyway, the book is Anne Holt’s The Final Murder (99p today).  I already have an unread copy of her 1222, a tale based on the ‘locked room mystery’, but I hope to find the time one day…  A couple of hours later I discovered both these novels are the subject of Sarah Ward’s (@sarahward1) post today on Crimepieces.  Sarah indicates that The Final Murder may hold more promise, so take a look.

Over at Crime Scraps Review, Norm (@crimescraps) has just reviewed I Will Have Vengeance by Maurizio de Giovanni translated by Anne Milano Appel.  This one is from relatively new indie publisher Hersilia Press (@hersilia_press) who are quickly gaining an excellent reputation amongst readers who specialise in reading translated crime fiction.  Check out Hersilia’s site and their sample chapter of this novel follows here. i_will_have_vengeance_sample_chapter


why did I have George Clooney and Nespresso in that header?  Well @cathryanhoward tweeted this, this morning:

‘Blogging tip: increase hits by posting about George Clooney and/or Nespresso. If my WP search terms are anything to go by, TRUST ME.’

So I am performing an experiment.  And it’s a scalpel-free one.  I will report back…

14 thoughts on “George Clooney, Nespresso and #fridayreads

  1. Marie

    yeah, those keywords got me here! the crime book looks great- I’m going to check out the publisher! thanks for telling us about Hersilia 🙂

  2. Marianne Wheelaghan (@MWheelaghan)

    Hi Rhian
    thanks for recommends and pointers to other crime fiction blogs. Had Anne Holt’s The Final Murder been more than 99p, would you have still bought it? George Clooney and/or Nespresso blogging tip seems to work, though not sure if I would fall for it a second time ;o)

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      Marianne, truth be told I don’t need to buy any books at the moment. I have so many in the house that are still to be read. From now until June I will be reading CWA John Creasey award submissions and will have little time for anything else. But for 99p I am tempted to stock on up on books I want to read when I have the time, books that I know I don’t have at home.
      Hmm, next time I might try Simon Cowell, BGT, space, Virgin and Richard Branson. When I saw that on twitter I thought is was a joke…

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      I updated my spreadsheet last night to assess the reading schedule. It’s now going to a time of intensive reading all the way to the end of May. Scary stuff.

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