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Publishing’s New Year’s Honours 2012

For publishing, honours listed went to:

OBE: Paul Edward ADAMSON Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, E!Sharp, Brussels. For services to promoting the European Union.

OBE: Helen Elizabeth ELLIS. Publicist. For services to Publishing.

OBE: Richard Michael SHERRY. For services to the Publishing Industry and to the community in Northern Ireland.

For literature, honours listed went to:

Knighthood: Professor Geoffrey William HILL. Poet and Critic. For services to Literature.

OBE: Mrs Isobel Frances ABULHOUL For services to education and British literature in the United Arab Emirates.

OBE: Dr Dannie ABSE. Poet and Playwright. For services to Poetry and Literature.

OBE: Alex BRYCHTA. Illustrator. For services to Children’s Literature.

OBE: Magdalen Margaret Christian, Mrs FERGUSSON. Secretary of the Royal Society of Literature. For services to Literature.

OBE: Ernest Victor THOMPSON. For services to Literature and to the community in Cornwall.

Author honours listed went to:

KBE: John Patrick RICHARDSON Art Historian and Author. For services to art.

OBE: Dr Paul Charles Dominic DOHERTY. Lately Headteacher, Trinity Catholic High School, Redbridge, London. For services to Education.

OBE: Penelope Margaret, Mrs LIVELY. CBE. Author. For services to Literature.

OBE: Clive Vivian Leopold JAMES. AM. Author, Poet and Broadcaster.  For services to Literature and the Media.

OBE: Rachel Mary, Lady BILLINGTON. Author and Vice-President, English PEN.  For services to Literature.

OBE: Dr Maggie Mary GEE. Author. For services to Literature.

OBE: Geraldine Susan, Mrs LANE. Author, Parent’s Guide to Plymouth. For services to Families.

In libraries honours went to:

Order of the British Empire, Officers of the Order of the British Empire:

Ms Bridget Mary FISHER. President, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. For services to Libraries.

Miss Shelagh Rosemary RAINEY. Chair, Belfast Education and Library Board. For services to Education in Northern Ireland.


MBE: Christopher Michael HEATON. Head of Policy, Planning and Culture, Libraries Learning and Culture, Cambridgeshire County Council. For services to Libraries.

MBE: James PEEL, JP. Lately Assistant Senior Education Officer, South Eastern Education and Library Board. For services to Young People in Northern Ireland.

MBE: Julian John Wilding THOMAS. Lately National Library of Wales Conservation Treatment Unit Manager. For services to Conservation Science and Bookbinding.

The full download of 2012 honours is available by clicking through on these link: newyearsHons2012 and 2012NewYearsHons.



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