It’s Christmas

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and/or holiday.

Christmas really has come this year.  From today, John Lawton’s Black Out is available on Amazon for Kindle thanks to Atlantic Books in the UK (their Grove Press imprint).  Click on the pic to buy or download a sample.  If you choose the restrained route of checking out the sample first, I bet you’ll buy it later.

That’s the lovely cover you’ll see on the paperback when it arrives next year.

Enjoy your festive reading!

7 thoughts on “It’s Christmas

  1. Norman

    Merry Christmas Rhian. I think I am suffering from TWS which is a bit like SAD, but occurs when you have read every one of John Lawton’s Troy books and don’t have one on your TBR shelf. [Troy Withdrawal Syndrome]

  2. crimeficreader Post author

    Thanks Norm, Kim and Maxine. I hope you are all having a good holiday too. I bet lots of reading is happening with you all.

    Sadly, Norm, I can sympathise as I know just how nasty the affliction of TWS can be. One can only alleviate the pain with a re-read…

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