#twittercrimeficadventcalendar – updated daily up to and including Christmas Day

Every day up to and including Christmas day I am tweeting a book that appears when opening the windows in the #twittercrimeficadventcalendar.  I’ll keep this post at the top of the page and update it until the last tweet.  Here’s the list just in case you miss any:

25 Dec John Lawton (Black Out)

24 Dec Gianrico Carofiglio

23 Dec Ann Cleeves

22 Dec Craig Smith

21 Dec Oliver Harris

20 Dec Peter James

19 Dec Ryan David Jahn

18 Dec Eizabeth Haynes

17 Dec M J McGrath

16 Dec Bill Kitson

15 Dec Martin Edwards

14 Dec Mischa Hiller

13 Dec Craig Robertson

12 Dec Erin Kelly

11 Dec Jason Webster

10 Dec Conor Fitzgerald

9 Dec Alex Walters

8 Dec John Lawton (Lily)

7 Dec Michael Jecks

6 Dec Chris Nickson

5 Dec D E Meredith

4 Dec Danny Miller

3 Dec Zoe Sharp

2 Dec Roger Morris

1 Dec Anya Lipska

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