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Goldsboro Books: Exclusive Hardback Offer for The Pleasures of Men by Kate Williams

News just in: The Pleasures of Men, the debut novel from one of the UK’s critically acclaimed historians, Kate Williams, is available in a limited edition hardback run of 250 copies exclusively with Goldsboro Books.  It will be published in the UK on 29 January 2012 and all Goldsboro copies will be signed, with a quote and dated publication date.  Here’s the link to order and here’s a description of the novel:

Spitalfields, 1840.

Catherine Sorgeiul lives with her Uncle in a rambling house in London’s East End. She has few companions and little to occupy the days beyond her own colourful imagination. But then a murderer strikes, ripping open the chests of young girls and stuffing hair into their mouths to resemble a beak, leading the press to christen him The Man of Crows. And as Catherine hungrily devours the news, she finds she can channel the voices of the dead … and comes to believe she will eventually channel The Man of Crows himself.

But the murders continue to panic the city and Catherine gradually realizes she is snared in a deadly trap, where nothing is as it first appears … and lurking behind the lies Catherine has been told are secrets more deadly and devastating than anything her imagination can conjure.

With an elegant style and thrilling plot, The Pleasures of Men reveals the dark, beating heart of corrupt London during Queen Victoria’s reign.



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