Daily Telegraph’s Top 5 Thrillers 2011

Look what came in at number one!

Quick link to purchase from Amazon if you’ve not read it yet. (I am not on commission.)

For clarity, the five are:
1 A Lily of the Field – John Lawton
2 Icelight – Aly Monroe
3 Triple Crossing – Sebastian  Rotella
4 Before I Go To Sleep – S J Watson
5 Next of Kin – David Hosp

Photograph (with thanks to @Whyjay99) as this is not online yet.


3 thoughts on “Daily Telegraph’s Top 5 Thrillers 2011

  1. Maxine

    This is a list that looks as if it is by someone who actually reads crime fiction, rather than some cobbled together publicists’ list of so-called best-sellers.

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