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Murder at the Manor with Lesley Cookman asking some questions…

We are thrilled to welcome Lesley again today with a guest post on the blog.  This week sees the publication of Lesley’s latest novel Murder at the Manor and she’s taking this opportunity to ask for your feedback.  One of those questions is what’s too much of something?  (A question the Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones never seems to ask.)  So get stuck in with Lesley and leave your comments…

Murder at the Manor is Libby Sarjeant and Fran Wolfe’s ninth adventure, the idea for which came out of a brain storming session I did with students in my Writing For Pleasure and Profit adult education classes. It concerns a writers’ holiday weekend, and before anyone challenges me, no, it didn’t come from personal experience!  I make this clear in the acknowledgements, where I also apologise to all police forces everywhere for playing fast and loose with their personnel and procedures.

Since my last guest post on the It’s A Crime! Blog I’ve appeared in Writing Magazine, Writers’ Forum, Kent Life, The Daily Express and on The One Show. Sadly, the latter were to do with my former career as an air stewardess, and The One Show didn’t even introduce me as a novelist!  So – I wonder if any of these appearances will have any effect on sales?  Because, as I mentioned in my last post, the difficulty with mid-list authors and their books is their visibility. Unfortunately, I don’t write sexy books (Libby – sexy? Doesn’t bear thinking about), neither are the ebook versions priced very differently from the paperbacks, so I tend not to “Go Viral”.

But there are cosy fans out there, still, aren’t there? Do I need to start including more graphic violence? More sex? Less chat and wine drinking? I’m pretty sure if I did all that I’d lose the regular readers I already have – and perhaps, my publishers!

So, off Libby and Fran go, to Dorset where they stay in a beautiful B&B and, of course, a pub, and back home to Steeple Martin to reveal the murderer. And of course, a nice bottle of red.

Thank you Lesley.  You can order Lesley’s novel on Amazon here and find out more about Lesley here.


2 comments on “Murder at the Manor with Lesley Cookman asking some questions…

  1. Sandra Mackness
    November 4, 2011

    All best with this one, Lesley. Sadly I missed you on The One Show but saw the newspaper feature.

  2. sarigelinBeth Elliott
    November 5, 2011

    Good luck with this story -it sounds as if there are plenty of elements to please a wide range of readers in there.

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