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Reg Gadney News: And a new novel!

It’s now as long ago as 2007 that I asked Where are they now?  Reg Gadney.’  Well, it appears that Quercus have caught Mr Gadney in their net, releasing The Woman in Silk on October 27th with the author name R J Gadney and a rather eye-catching cover.  You will find it competitively priced on Amazon for both Kindle and paperback.  It’s a thriller by the looks of it: one taking in the supernatural world.  Here’s the trade synopsis:

Captain Ned Sterling is flown home from Helmand Province, Afghanistan, an IED rendering him battered and broken, and scarred in more ways than one. After a brief rehabilitation at Headley Court, Ned learns that his mother is dying. He returns to the ancient, remote family home near the Scottish Border, intending to convalesce there indefinitely. But when Ned arrives it is too late. His mother has passed; and all that now remains of the household are her nurses, Dawn Imray and her daughter, Treasure. In the isolated, bitterly cold house, Ned starts to see things he’s sure can’t be there. Although initially dismissing these as the effects of his medication, he soon makes an unsettling discovery: the two women are spiritualists, and have been conducting séances under his roof. As the winter weather increasingly cuts him off from the rest of the world, and his visions intensify, Ned starts to wonder how alone he is, and who these two women really are.

R J Gadney has written several television screenplays, including the award-winning Kennedy for Central TV and NBC. His adaptation of Minette Walters’s novel, The Sculptress, was shown on BBC1, earning him a BAFTA nomination.  You can find my comments on his earlier novels with Faber & Faber in the link at the top.


2 comments on “Reg Gadney News: And a new novel!

  1. Dorte H
    October 31, 2011

    Afghanistan, supernatural thriller? Couldn´t they have put that cover on another book? 😉

    • crimeficreader
      October 31, 2011

      I think the cover is a great match for the story, Dorte. The setting of the story is when he returns home. It’s cold and isolated…

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