Teaser: What novel is this?

This is from the opening of a novel.  It impressed me.  Your only clues are: British author; UK-based thriller, set in the south west; second in a series featuring the character named; to be published in October in the UK.  Anyone want to offer a guess?  (Educated and researched or not as the case may be…)

…And they were talking.  Nothing he could distinguish clearly, but Joe tuned into the coarse estuary accents – voices that always put him on guard.  He crouched down, choosing that moment to refresh the paint on his brush.  One of the men called out: ‘Oy, mate?’

The shout made Joe’s stomach tighten.  He stayed low as the men closed in.  Heard a tiny metallic clink as someone’s watch or ring made contact with the scaffolding pole.

Joe leaned over, just enough to catch a glimpse of the two men standing beneath him.  One of the faces he didn’t recognise at all, but the other was grimly familiar.

It was the face of a man he had killed.

Did I mention the south west earlier?  That opening was a hook to grab me faster than Dyson could suck me back east to Wiltshire.  (Another clue.)  So, any guesses folks?


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