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Teaser: What novel is this?

This is from the opening of a novel.  It impressed me.  Your only clues are: British author; UK-based thriller, set in the south west; second in a series featuring the character named; to be published in October in the UK.  Anyone want to offer a guess?  (Educated and researched or not as the case may be…)

…And they were talking.  Nothing he could distinguish clearly, but Joe tuned into the coarse estuary accents – voices that always put him on guard.  He crouched down, choosing that moment to refresh the paint on his brush.  One of the men called out: ‘Oy, mate?’

The shout made Joe’s stomach tighten.  He stayed low as the men closed in.  Heard a tiny metallic clink as someone’s watch or ring made contact with the scaffolding pole.

Joe leaned over, just enough to catch a glimpse of the two men standing beneath him.  One of the faces he didn’t recognise at all, but the other was grimly familiar.

It was the face of a man he had killed.

Did I mention the south west earlier?  That opening was a hook to grab me faster than Dyson could suck me back east to Wiltshire.  (Another clue.)  So, any guesses folks?


7 comments on “Teaser: What novel is this?

  1. Tim
    September 22, 2011

    Nope, sorry. But a nice premise … I’ll be keeping an eye out for your answer.

    • crimeficreader
      September 22, 2011

      I’ll have the answer up on the weekend.

  2. Maxine
    September 22, 2011

    A wild guess – Jim Kelly?

    • crimeficreader
      September 22, 2011

      Sorry no, but thanks for attempting to guess. All will be revealed on the weekend…

  3. Mary Mayfield
    September 22, 2011

    Any likelihood of it being Peter Cocks’ Eddie Savage follow up? That’s YA though.

    • crimeficreader
      September 22, 2011

      Sorry, no. This one is defintely for adults…

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