Recommending Book Blogs #2

This month’s end of month ‘Recommending Book Blogs’ series focuses on Petrona: Mainly about reading with an accent on crime fiction from around the world.  Started back in December 2005, Maxine’s Petrona goes from strength to strength and to get a feel for the quality try out her recent outstanding articles ‘Crime fiction from Sweden’ and ‘Crime fiction from Norway’.  If you are not already aware of this blog, then I think it won’t take you long to realise that you simply have to follow it.  Maxine is also the founder of the friendfeed crime and mystery fiction discussion site where lively and opinionated crime fiction discussion takes place.  Few words are required here from me.  If you follow the links you will read why.

8 thoughts on “Recommending Book Blogs #2

  1. Maxine

    Oh, blush, blush! What a lovely surprise! Thanks so much, crime fiction reader. I am very touched. I’ve got a lot to live up to, now!

  2. Norman

    Congrats Maxine, well deserved praise.
    I would probably have given up blogging the early days back in 2006 if it was not for the encouragement I received from Maxine.

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