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Competing for the most cursory mention…

Initially flooded with disappointment, a sense of déjà vu followed.  The Guardian’s report of the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger shortlists announcement paid scant attention to the John Creasey (New Blood) this weekJust as it did last year.  I think we should be celebrating wonderful new talent much more.  So here’s a reminder of that shortlist:

Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson (Doubleday)
Kiss Me Quick by Danny Miller (Robinson)
The Dead Woman of Juárez by Sam Hawken (Serpent’s Tail)
The Dogs of Rome by Conor Fitzgerald (Bloomsbury)


7 comments on “Competing for the most cursory mention…

  1. Maxine
    August 21, 2011

    Too right, Crime Fic Reader. Crime fiction, like any other form of book, has become too focused on a few best-selling (and usually not very good as too “lowest common denominator”) books and ignore the much better stuff that is being produced under the radar, often by small independent publishers who could do with the support/publicity (as well as the authors themselves of course). Hence, bestsellerdom continues to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and readers miss out on much better novels that pubs like The Guardian should be promoting via their well read and well informed (ha!) journalists.

  2. Cath
    August 21, 2011

    I too believe that there should be more attention devoted to new authors. While I do read some established writers, there are some that I have given up on because their work has a ‘production line’ feel to it. As an example, I loved Patricia Cornwell’s first 4 books but once she was churning them out on an annual basis, I felt the quality really suffered. Many other so called ‘big names’ are also guilty of this. S J Watson’s book is already on my reading list and now I will add the other ‘new blood’ authors to it. Thanks for drawing them to my attention.

    • crimeficreader
      August 21, 2011

      Thanks Cath. I totally agree with you and suffer from the same.

  3. DJ´s krimiblog
    August 21, 2011

    I am sure you are right, but I have never paid much attention to any of the awards because it seems to me they rarely share my taste.

    • crimeficreader
      August 21, 2011

      That is a shame Dorte. Although I do think they have a broad range across the longlists, especially for the John Creasey. In fact, I am sure there’d be something to your taste in there.

      • DJ´s krimiblog
        August 21, 2011

        Probably, but having my friendfeed friends sorting them out for me is MUCH safer – I get very few disappointments that way 😉

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