The Killing in Novels in the UK

At the end of May it was reported in The Bookseller that Pan Macmillan had bought the rights for the novelisations of this successful Danish TV series.  At the time, it was said that negotiations were ‘understood to be underway with a “very well-reviewed and highly respected crime author” to write the novels from Sveistrup’s scripts’.   Just in case you might have missed it, the author’s name is now out in the public domain: it’s PanMac author David Hewson.

The first of these novels is expected in autumn 2012.


4 thoughts on “The Killing in Novels in the UK

  1. Maxine

    Drawing and veils come immediately to mind 😉

    Let’s hope that they don’t do a US novelisation of the US series, that would be even more de trop.

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