John Lawton News and Interview

Sue Lord has posted up a question and answer session with John Lawton.  It includes a very good introduction that provides guidance on his Troy novels.

A Lily of the Field is now available on Kindle, currently £6.39.

Finally, fantastic news: plans are afoot to reissue the backlist in paperback and ebook next year in the UK.  I will let you know the dates when I have them.


4 thoughts on “John Lawton News and Interview

  1. Philip

    A very good interview indeed. At last I know something about John Lawton, a writer on my A+ List since I first encountered him. I cannot recommend the Troy series highly enough. Best to read them in the order they were written though, as is often the case these days.

    1. crimeficreader Post author

      Philip, as you know I have read them from the start and therefore out of order. And I have enjoyed every one of them. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Maxine

    Just to let you know I have set up this new blog to post into Friend Feed crime & mystery group. I really like it, hope you enjoy Word Press.

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